Filled With Faith


Don't lose hope during the test of perseverance. This is a test, and only a test! Character is being formed that is necessary in your destiny.

What is hindering your life, your relationships with others and with God?

Rev. Amy Friend

 The Book    of Hebews.

Much more than The Book of Faith!


the Intro to the Book of Revelation  

There are different types of doors in your life that if you recognize them, you can unlock them. God has goven you the Keys to the Kingdom!

 BLOG    I see Jesus standing with us...our lives like a beautiful keyboard He gently places His hands on...touching the necessary keys needed for each day. Each season. One key may represent -LOVE another PEACE another WISDOM ... each key designed for our personal journey.
As He balances our lives, some keys may be touched at different times, or they may be revisited again as we receive the fullness of the beautiful melody.
Jesus, You are the love and power behind each new chord.
Blend us in unity to make up Your beautiful symphony.

With Amy Friend